What is coliving and why is great for digital nomads

Are you having trouble finding a place to call home while you’re travelling and working on your laptop?

Do you wish you have a flexible and affordable long-term accommodation as a digital nomad?

If hostels are not an option for you anymore and hotel rooms are getting old and expensive then it’s time you try out coliving.

Check out this blog post to learn more about what co-living is and why it’s such a great housing option if you are a digital nomad or a remote worker.

What is coliving

Maybe you lived in a shared apartment or a college dorm when you were a student.

Remember why you did it?

Most likely to save money on rent but also because it was nice and fun to live with friends and like-minded people who had the same interest you had and who understood you and shared your same values.

Coliving was born under that same definition: a shared living space with a sense of community.

The main difference is that a coliving apartment or house is not a place intended for undergrad students living and partying like there’s no tomorrow.

A coliving is intended for digital nomads, remote workers, global citizens or any kind of freelancers, entrepreneurs and professionals who want to experience the benefits of a shared house, without giving up their privacy.

Why is Coliving so popular?

Coliving is not getting popular, it is already the hottest housing trend for digital nomads, millennials and those who have a remote work lifestyle.

In fact, if you are reading this post is probably because you have been hearing a lot of this co-living thing and want to learn more about this housing model everyone is talking about, isn’t it?

Here are the main reasons coliving is ousting more traditional housing options for digital nomads not only in the US or Europe but all over the world.

Coliving offers flexible rents

Freedom and flexibility are two of the things you and any digital nomad value most.

You want to be free to move at your own pace and make plans according to your interests and needs.

That is why you don’t want a long-term lease. But you also know renting short term is difficult and usually more expensive.

Coliving gives you the flexibility of a hotel with all the benefits of a rented home.

Coliving is affordable

Travel can be expensive and when you travel as a digital nomad accommodation is one of your highest expenses. You spend money on hostels or hotel rooms which may be alright but don’t feel like a home.

You may also book a private Airbnb property which for sure is more comfortable (and also expensive) but in that case you would miss the socializing side of a shared accommodation.

Coliving combines the best of the other accommodation options as it provides a modern and functional furnished space with all amenities at a very convenient price saving on your budget.

Coliving is designed for you

You want to move freely and travel but also live comfortably and of course get work down. And we both know those last things are not easy if you are living in hostels dorms and don’t even have a desk to set up your computer. The problem gets even worst if you need a quiet space to have a Zoom meeting or make a video recording.

In many cities you can find a coworking spaces with a reliable internet connection where you can hire a desk for get work done but in more rural or remote areas is even hard to find a good internet.

There are coliving in many places around the world that are specifically designed for digital nomads and remote workers to live and work comfortably and even grow their projects thanks to the coliving community they get the chance to meet.


Coliving means community

Having freedom to move and being able to travel while working remotely is awesome but I am sure you have experience loneliness living as a digital nomad (we all have).

It is true you meet lots of people but those people are in the move and you don’t get to spend with them more than a couple of days. And even when you meet someone, you have the same conversations all over again repeating the same things about yourself and your lifestyle.

A coliving community is one of the great benefits of a coliving living model. People who stay in a  coliving are digital nomads, freelancers and remote workers that have the same values and interests you do.

Coliving offers a stimulating environment both socially and professionally. You would connect and spend time with inspiring people, get new ideas and motivation.

How does a coliving space works

Most coliving apartments and houses have an online profile or web page where you can check out their availability, price and house guidelines and rules.

It is a type of accommodations design for digital nomads so they provide weekly or monthly rates, and in fact in some of them there is a minimum staying time requirement.

Any coliving space would feauture social areas like a kitchen and a living or dining room, or even a terrace or rooftop that you and the other colivers can freely use. And then you would have your private room or if you are tight on money you could also shared a room if the coliving offers this option (some of them do).

A coliving usually have a host who is encharge of the well functioning of the space and also of preparing community activities and events.

Of couse is up to you to participate or not in all of any of the coliving events and activities, but remember the community is one of the main benefits of a coliving and probably a strong reason for choosing a coliving insteed of other type of accomodation.

Is coliving safe

You may wonder how safe sharing a living space with a bunch of strangers is.

Let me tell you coliving is probably a safer option than living alone in a big city or in any place you are not familiar with.

Also comparing to hostels and hotels, in a coliving you live with fewer people and have more social interactions, so you get to know well those who you are living with and there are many chances they became your friends and even your living abroad family.

However, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the safety of coliving will depend on various factors specific to each situation.

First, be sure to do your research and find a coliving space that has been well-reviewed by past residents. Next, take some time to get to know the other colivers. Finally, if you have any concerns about the safety of the coliving or any other question just speak to the coliving host, manager or owner who’d be happy to help you.

In Listcoliving who have verified coliving spaces. You can check them out here.

Is coliving a good option for me

If you’re looking for an affordable, convenient, and social way to live while you work and travel, then for sure you should consider coliving as it may be the perfect solution for you.

By choosing to live in a coliving arrangement, you can build new friendships with like-minded people, share resources and amenities and being able to work comfortably with a good internet speed while maintaining your own privacy.

Coliving is a great option for digital nomads or anyone with a remote work lifestyle plus, there are tons of great coliving communities worldwide.

Ready to give coliving a try?

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