Just now there are thousands of digital nomads and remote workers searching for a coliving to book... How many of them will find your property?

«Hmm, tell me more»

There are people who would love to stay at your coliving...if they only knewit exists.

Yes, coliving is a rising trend. 

Everyday more people choose this type of accommodation but also everyday a new coliving space pops up in any given town.

However, the main problem are not competitors, the main problem is being discovered by potential customers.

Keep talking, please

You know people don’t goggle for specific colivings, right?

The thousands of digital nomads looking for a coliving space at this exact moment are not googling any coliving by its name, they are browsing the internet, searching the property they want to book on coliving listings, and filtering them by location and other preferences.

If your coliving space is already listed good for you. Your property is 1000 times more likely to be discovered and booked. Just remember, the more listings it appears on the more chances it will have.

If your place is not listed though…I’m sorry to tell you this: yourcoliving is not just unnoticed, it is nonexistent for possible clients.

If Hilton and Four Seasons doit, why don’tyou?

Extremely famous hotels like The Hilton and The Four Seasons list themselves on platforms like Booking and Airbnb so they are able
to reach to alarger audience.

Probably your coliving property is not as well-known as these hotels but sure you too want to reach to more clients.

The question is: Is your coliving listed on any coliving platforms? On how many? 

«And nowis when you tell me you have a wonderful platform named ListColiving and blah blah…Just hit me with the cost, I’m ready for it»

No need to do the math. It pays off Yourcoliving listed and visible for 100USD a year

At ListColiving we do not charge commissions. Our fee is flat and it entitles your colivingto be listed for a whole year. Pay once, be visible for 12 months.

To add visibility to yourcoliving and increase its chances to be discovered and booked

Follow this easy 3 steps process:

  1. Enter your business details and proceed with secure payment via Stripe. 100USD even, no other hidden cost on our side.
  2. Once payment is processed you would receive a link to upload your property basic info, photos,and other details.
  3. We’ll verify your property and itwillbe up and liveat Listcoliving.com in 48 hours


What is the payment method?
Payment is made by credit card via Stripe a secure online payment platform.
We do not accept any other payment method

What if I need an invoice?
No problem, we can issue invoices. Just send us an email with your company
details and will email you back with the invoice.

Once my coliving property is listed on ListColiving, can I make any
updates or modifications to my profile?

Sure, just send us an email an let us know what you need to modify/update
and we will do it for you

Will Listcoliving manage my bookings?
No. Listcoliving will not be part of the booking process of your coliving
property at any time. Customer will be redirect from ListColiving to your
webpage so they can book directly with you.

Isn’t USD 100 too much?
We don’t know which is your marketing budget, but if you can’t afford $100
to add visibility to your coliving business for 12 months we sure don’t want
your property listed on our site.

Isn’t USD 100 too little?
It is indeed. The reason is simple, ListColiving is a new platform and we want
to offer an earlybird deal.
The good news is if you get the earlybird deal you can stick to it forever. So
even when our fee increases (that will do as our coliving data base grows)
you would still pay USD 100/year

Do you offer refunds?

Short answer: no, we don’t.
Long answer: there is only one scenario when will do a refund. If after
verifying your property we don’t approve your application we will refund
your payment via the same payment method you used.
Will my payment be automatically renewed every year?
Falta la respuesta

Any other question?
Send us an email to info@listcoliving.com

Your coliving listed at ListColiving.com

100 USD/year
*Secure payment by credit card with Stripe