7 best health and travel insurance for digital nomads

As a digital nomad, you need to be prepared for anything. That means having the right health and travel insurance in place.

Here are seven of the best policies for digital nomads, covering everything from medical expenses to trip cancellation. Read on to find the right policy for you.

Travel And Health Digital Nomad Insurance

1# Travelex Travel Select

This plan provides flexible trip length, meaning it’s perfect for digital nomads. You can choose between different options depending on your needs, like cancellation coverage and trip interruption coverage in case of problems in your destination.

Travelex Travel Select also offers protection if you face problems while traveling in non-EU countries when you are insured under this policy. TravelEx is the «insurance company for travelers.» This policy covers you no matter where you are in the world. All of your trips will be taken care of with options like medical expenses, evacuation coverage, and more.

2# HeyMondo Travel Insurance

Heymondo offers a stripped-back simple travel insurance policy with affordable and flexible plans. The company promises that you won’t be out of pocket when it comes to covering medical expenses instead of contacting them through their app for help if anything goes wrong!

Heymonde’s benefits include 24/7 remote doctor service should any emergencies arise on your trip, as well as online assistance calls, which are available around the clock, so no one gets left behind or forgotten about by accident. The cost of their plans typically ranges from $55-$76 per month, depending on the level you want.

3# Safety Wing Insurance

The digital nomad community has a new insurance option specifically tailored for their needs. Safety Wing Nomad Insurance offers plans starting at just $42 per month, with coverage including medical and travel expenses – making it harder than ever to find an inclusive plan in this price range! Safety wing insurance is the best health insurance for digital nomads.

Their COVID-19 related policy is also available now, so you can protect yourself while traveling abroad or on your journey of discovery outside home base adventures like camping trips down by the river. Is one thing different about these safety wings? You’re able to sign up anytime during any part of your trip–no matter if there are miles away from reaching your destination (or even started). You can expect around $42 per month, but this will vary depending on your age and where you want to go in life! This is a great plan for anyone who wants to travel the world.

4# CoverAmerica-Gold

When visiting the U.S., it’s important to be aware of current new travel uncertainties and how they could affect you and your trip plans. CoverAmerica-Gold has been customized for non-U Americans so that its policies will cover them during their stay here with no hassle or headache! United Healthcare is a large-scale network of medical providers and facilities across the U.S., which means you don’t have to worry about not having cash with Cover America Gold! The cost of a visit to the U.S., for an individual aged 30 years and over, is only $96 per day!

5# Insured Nomad

While insured nomad understands that not all travelers are in the business of making long-term commitments, they have created two options to cover you no matter what type or length your trip may be. The Travel Insurance policy offers benefits such as travel alerts for when dangerous situations arise abroad; country-specific datasheets which can help with language barriers if needed-this includes health care practitioner licenses too!

Their second option is Global Health insurance – perfect whether it’s just one year away from home coverage on extended journeys through exotic. Want to get away from it all? The World Explorer plan comes with a monthly price tag of about $84 for 32 years old.

6# Integra Global – Digital Nomad Insurance

Worldwide, Integra Global offers international healthcare insurance for long-term digital nomads. They don’t provide traveler’s benefits such as lost luggage claims or trip cancellation coverage; instead, they offer comprehensive medical protection that is not limited to emergency care – which makes them unique in this field!

The price tag on their policy may be higher than some alternatives. Still, it includes everything you need. If your lifestyle requires regular visits across different countries with no fixed address: routine exams (checkups), mental health services including psychiatrist/ therapist sessions so people can take care of any issues before they become chronic conditions.

7# World Nomads Insurance

World Nomads is a digital nomad’s favorite! It offers some of the best coverage globally, particularly for adventure travelers. The Standard Plan covers you with 24/7 emergency assistance and medical care up to 100k dollars which can be used on any travel situation no matter how small or large it may seem – plus trip cancellation up to 2 500$.

Explorer plan provides more protection at an affordable price point so that everyone has access to it.

With this amazing travel insurance, you’re covered for trip cancellation up to $10k in case something goes wrong! Emergency medical expenses reach 100K and even lost or damaged luggage at only $3k.

Why travel insurance and health insurance for digital nomads is important

Having good health and travel insurance is essential for digital nomads. If you are traveling abroad for work, it’s more important than ever to have a policy that can cover your needs.

Here are just some of the reasons why these policies are so valuable:

  • You won’t get reimbursed for medical expenses unless you have a good health policy.
  • You won’t be able to get reimbursed if your luggage is lost or damaged unless you have a good policy in place.
  • You will be unhappy and stranded abroad without the right globetrotting insurance in place.
  • Your paychecks will be less satisfying if you have to pay for a canceled flight or trip yourself.
  • Downtime is not good for your bottom line, so perhaps being productive and enjoying time with family is better than being stuck in an airport.

Traveling is fun, but an emergency abroad can be scary. Don’t let yourself get caught off guard without policy or with the wrong policy, you could leave yourself stranded or even bankrupt if something goes wrong.

International Health Insurance Digital Nomads

If you’re a digital nomad and want to be prepared for anything, the right insurance policy is key. We’ve provided seven of the best policies below that cover everything from medical expenses to trip cancellation. Which one sounds like it would work best for your needs?

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