Coworking and Coliving, different working options for digital nomads and remote workers

You’ve probably been hearing a lot lately about coliving and coworking and are a little confused.

Are they the same thing?

The answer in NO.

Coworking and coliving are both very interesting options for digital nomads and remote workers but are not the same thing and you might prefer one to the other.

Keep reading to find out what the differences are, and which is the best option for you.

What is the difference between coworking and coliving?

Coworking is a space designed for working. Is like a big office where people can go and work by renting a desk or a private room. You can read more about What is a Coworking Space.

Coliving is an accommodation option specifically designed for digital nomads and remote workers that are looking for a place to live and work while travelling the world. You can read more about What is Coliving.

Many digital nomads and remote workers rave about how much they love using co-working and co-living spaces since they provide an amazing opportunity to meet new people who are also working remotely or traveling but, what is the best option for you?

Should I try coworking or coliving?

You probably should try both as the two options are great. Choosing one or the other just depends on what you need.

If you are just looking for a place to work comfortably while traveling as a digital nomad go for a coworking.

Different coworkings offer different options but you can just pay for the day (or by the hour) and have a nice space and desk with a reliable internet connection to produce your work.

You can also meet other digital nomads if you feel like socializing or focus only on your work if you’d rather don’t get distracted.

While coworking can be only about working or working combined with socializing with other people at the coworking according to your preferences, coliving is always about connecting and sharing with others.

If you choose coliving is because you want to have the experience of living under the same roof with other digital nomads and likeminded people with whom you are going to be sharing more than the space.

Coliving has a strong social component although of course everyone in the house would be working too so the space would have proper spaces and all the necessary for everyone in the house to work.

How to choose the right coworking or coliving


There are many different co-working and co-living spaces, so it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for you.

Keep in mind that not all co-working or co-living spaces are equal. Some have good Wi-Fi, some have a great atmosphere, others have benefits such as free food and drinks, free yoga classes, free fitness classes, etc. Here are some of the main factors you should consider when choosing a co-working or co-living space.

1.Internet connection

You need a good internet connection to work remotely, this is an important factor to consider when choosing a co-working or co-living space. Some places might offer different speeds or have special rooms such a: meeting room or content creating room.

2. Events and meetups

Events and activities are an essential part of a coliving experience. It is common for colivings to offer yoga classes, movie nights or free gym memberships, etc.

Not all coworkings have regular events but some have book clubs, weekly meditation sessions, dinner clubs…

3. Memberships

Many co-working spaces offer different membership options, which may help you save money.

Some coliving have special agreements with other coliving from different cities or countries and offer memberships and special prices and discounts when booking with them.

4. Extras and amenities

Some coworking and coliving spaces offer extras such as car parking or discounts with local businesses like taxis, restaurants, bars…

There are many spaces that provide free coffee or free snacks and fruits.

5. Price

Prices can vary a lot between co-working and co-living spaces; some are more expensive than others.

Rates in Europe and the US are more expensive than those in Asia or South America.

Check the prices before you decide to sure it’s something that fits your budget.

6. Private vs shared

Some coworking spaces may have private desks and rooms for you to work on your own. These can be handy need more privacy for have meetings or record videos.

Most colivings offers only private room but some have also shared room which is a great options if you want to save money.

7. Community

Some coworking spaces have a more social approach while others are more business-focused. Choose the right type of atmosphere that best fits you interest.

Colivings on the other hands are very focused on community but some of them offer better community experiences than others.


Co-working and co-living are two different but similar working options for digital nomads and remote workers.

Co-working spaces provide a shared working environment with other people, while co-living spaces provide a shared living environment. Both of these options can be a great way to meet new people and make new friends, as well as increase your productivity and creativity while traveling and living abroad.